Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're Alive!!

We are alive and well, and this will be a long post, so I can update you on all the things that have happened in our lives the last 2 months (so pathetic...I know!) August was a pretty quiet month. We didn't travel, but Brian did!! He was gone 3 weeks during the month (home on weekends, but gone during the weeks...coming soon to our blog..."Where in the World is Brian?"). The weather wasn't very nice, so we did a lot of home body activities, and....

PAINTED ZACHARY'S ROOM! I love it! I will have to post pictures is bright and fun. It took 2, almost 3 days to finish. Brian was out of town, but my saintly sister, Karen, come over and helped with the painting (and kept my sanity in check!) :)

September was a lot are some things that kept us busy:

WILD WAVES!! We went to Wild Waves with our friends the Robinson's on Labor Day. The weather was cold and overcast, but it never rained on us. Since the weather was so yucky the park was pretty quiet. We didn't play in the water, but the children had lots of fun riding the rides :)

SCHOOL STARTED!! YEAH!!! Megan is in 6th grade and that means MIDDLE SCHOOL! I really must be getting old! She has really enjoyed everything, but the bus...she has to ride with H.S. kids too, and sometimes she hears things she wished she hadn't. She now takes a book, or her iPod. :)

Zachary is in 3rd grade! He has a wonderful teacher this year, and I think it's going to be a great year for him :)

Anna started First Grade!! She loves to read and so far enjoys doing homework...we hope that sticks! :)

AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES! Megan is now a member of the middle school band...she is playing the clarinet. Zachary started Flag Football, and all the girls are now taking dance. Our after school schedule has filled up!

Snacks after school have been jazzed up too. I've never really been great about giving snacks after school...if the children tell me they are hungry I tell them to grab a piece of fruit or a handful of goldfish crackers. This year I thought I would make some fun after school snacks. I've done something different each day since school started, and I've really enjoyed it....I'm not sure how long it will last, but for now, I'm having fun!

Here are some Mini Caramel Apples that I made...I've also made Edible Indian Corn, Carrot Patches (we used peanut butter instead of hummus),and Snail Snacks.

THE FAIR!! I love the fair...the smells (except for people smoking), the tastes (corn dogs and cow chip cookies), the exhibits and all the people! Brian on the other hand hates the fair, but he is willing to compromise for me, but he only lasts for a few hours, and he has to comb the aisles of all the stuff for sale. He never buys anything, he just likes to look (except one year we did buy a mattress and that was the best purchase we have ever made!!!)

Since we just went to Wild Waves, we told the children they could each go on one ride:

Megan and Zachary decided to ride the Wild Cat! They had a blast! :)

Walking away unharmed and happy!

Anna chose the safe route...a boring ride that rotated in the air. She was debating between this and the swings. She ended up loving this...however, after she saw Amelia ride the coaster, she wished she had chosen that ride.

Amelia chose the Lil' Coaster in Sillyville. She was very excited to go on the ride, it seemed a little fast for her, but she insisted.

Holding on for dear life!! Look at those eyes and death grip on the bar! :) We were laughing so hard, so were onlookers around us!

She survived! And a happy face still...she is still talking about the ride at the fair and claims she loved it :)