Monday, February 5, 2007

January '07

Amelia and Anna help dad wash the new truck! They are great helpers :)

January '07

Amelia turns Two years old!

January '07

More Snow!! Megan made a darling miniature snowman :)

December '06

Almost a white Christmas...2 days after Christmas we had snow :) They played outside for most of the day...complete ice cubes when they came inside!

December '06

The day after Christmas Zachary and dad put together the Lego Train that we gave him!

Tweeking and fine tuning each detail :)

Dad is such a good helper.

Enjoying the fruits of his labors!

December '06 - Christmas!

What was Santa thinking?? :)

Good Morning! Santa was here :)

December '06

We are ready for Christmas to come! Poor Amelia doesn't understand who the cookies are for :)

The beautiful Christmas tree is waiting for Santa!

December '06

Megan really enjoys after-school Drumming! She was trying really hard not to smile at dad, so she could concentrate on drumming :)

Her Winter Drumming Concert was really cool!

December '06

We enjoyed cutting down our own Christmas tree this year, and we actually got a picture taken while the children were all standing still :)

November '06

We've had quite a bit of snow this Winter! One day, Brian gave "sled rides" to each of our children and the neighborhood kids as well!

Anna makes a very pretty snow angel!

Megan loved sliding around on the ice!

Amelia's turn! "Are you sure this is safe?" :)

Zachary is having a blast on the sled! How's that arm doing Brian?? :)

November '06 - Thanksgiving

Aunt Karen's entertaining the little girls :)
Grandpa George is carving the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Anna and Jacob are sharing a Cousin Hug!

October '06 - Halloween!

Amelia made a cute, little butterfly!

Anna was a darling Raggedy-Anna! :)

Megan was beautiful Cow Girl!

Zachary was a serious Cowboy!

October '06

Brian and Emily went to Hawaii to celebrate their 10th Anniversary!

Driving the beautiful "Road to Hana" in Maui was amazing!

We took our sweet time in Maui and enjoyed many "secret places" :)

We really enjoyed our visit with Brian's Aunt Penny and Uncle Harry! We loved getting to know them better :)
At the Polynesian Cultural Center, we had front row seats for all the shows and we got some amazing pictures during the final show!

September '06

School Starts! Megan is in 4th Grade, Zachary started 1st Grade and Anna is in Pre-School! Amelia gets to stay home with mom all day :)

Summer '06

We went on many family hikes during summer vacation :)

May '06

Anna turned 4 years old and we celebrated with a family party!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

April '06

Brian and Emily traveled to California to bring home our beautiful Great Dane, Tulla!

March '06

Sushi, our beloved Akita, passed away :(

March '06

Zachary turned 6 and he is active as ever!