Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Siri!!!

Happy Birthday to you Siri! We get to be the same age for one week! :) :) I hope you have a special day :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Zachary!!!! :)

Zachary had a wonderful, special day! He was baptized today, on his birthday :) He was very excited all day, and we are pleased that he has decided to be baptized as a member of the Church :) Zachary is a wonderful boy, who really wants to make good choices! We love having him in our family...he keeps us busy and brings some good rough and tumble to a sea of girls! :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy Week!!!

CRAZY SNOW!!!! This was Wednesday, MARCH 26th, and we ended up getting 3 almost 4 inches of SNOW! It snowed off and on all day Thursday, and Friday, and it's still snowing!! Hopefully our weather will warm up and we can get back to Spring! :)

We were so looking forward to Spring!! Now our poor flowers are frozen and covered in snow!

Very ironic seeing the snow fall with the blossoms on the tree!! CRAZY!

CRAZY ENRICHMENT! Our ward had our Relief Society Birthday Party yesterday. YEAH! It's all done!! Yesterday's weather was so crazy with heavy snow one minute and the next sunshine...we didn't know for sure if we should cancel or not. I'm really glad that we didn't because the roads were really clear all day, even though it was snowing. The party went really well, I just kept forgetting things that needed to be done, so it ended up being more busy then I had planned!

CRAZY BIRTHDAY PARTY! Zachary had a birthday party at Super-Jump on Wednesday, and 20 children came to help him celebrate, so it was really crazy!

CRAZY HALF-DAYS! It was a week of half-days!! So, it just added an element of craziness, since our normal routine was out of balance!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Day Late Easter Greeting!! :)

The children's new Easter outfits! Isn't Anna's hair darling? I did this for her during Christmas time too, and she calls it "Monkey Ears"...and she has wanted me to do it ever since. It takes a long time, but I thought Easter would be a good time, and she was thrilled!! :)

Goodies from the Easter Bunny :) This was actually Saturday morning...the Easter Bunny must have known that his arrival on Sunday morning makes our getting ready for Church routine very busy (since we have the 9:00 am time). And, it makes our Easter Sunday's focus a little more Christ centered.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Emily or Emma...You Decide!

I am Emma Woodhouse!

Take the Quiz here!

I'm not sure how accurate this is, but the test was fun :)

According to the end results, I am:

You are Emma Woodhouse of Emma! You like being the queen of your social circle (small and provincial as it may be), and feel it's your duty to help those less influential than you. You often meddle in the affairs of others, though you do it with a pure heart. You are often deluded in your flights of fancy, but your good intentions and creative spirit make you someone anyone could like.

Thanks Ladies! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wearin' O' the Green!

We enjoyed a St. Patrick's Day dinner of Green Spinach Chicken Alfredo (the noodles were dyed green during cooking); Green Broccoli; and Green Lime Jell-O! The children loved it and they all asked for seconds (I didn't tell them the green stuff was spinach until after they were done! :)

It's Your Lucky Day!

Happy 30th Roger!

Friday, March 14, 2008

What Did You Learn in School Today?

Megan has had a busy week at school! Last night she had her first Science Fair :) She really enjoyed showing her project with her best friend.

And today Megan had a 5th Grade Geography Bowl! Everyone in her class made cute hats to show their team spirit...and they WON!! :) Megan titled her creation, "The Doodle Dinger!" :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Hour Has Arrived....

The hour arrives....

And my day intensifies 3 FOLD.....


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Book Review

Brian and I just finished "Airman" by Eoin Colfer (author of the "Artemis Fowl" series...Very Good!!), which we really enjoyed! This book was very adventurous and fast paced. The author is really great at weaving an interesting story that keeps you hooked :)

Book Description: Conor Broekhart was born to fly. In fact, legend has it that he was born flying, in a hot air balloon at the Paris World’s Fair.In the 1890s Conor and his family live on the sovereign Saltee Islands, off the Irish coast. Conor spends his days studying the science of flight with his tutor and exploring the castle with the king’s daughter, Princess Isabella. But the boy’s idyllic life changes forever the day he discovers a deadly conspiracy against the king. When Conor tries to intervene, he is branded a traitor and thrown into jail on the prison island of Little Saltee. There, he has to fight for his life, as he and the other prisoners are forced to mine for diamonds in inhumane conditions. There is only one way to escape Little Saltee, and that is to fly. So Conor passes the solitary months by scratching drawings of flying machines on the prison walls. The months turn into years; but eventually the day comes when Conor must find the courage to trust his revolutionary designs and take to the skies.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pearly Whites!

Amelia had her first dental cleaning today! She did a wonderful job! No problems at all and no tears! :)

Picking out her new Princess toothbrush....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Happier Marriage

My siblings and I had the opportunity to go through an old file box that belonged to our mom. She passed away almost 22 years ago, and we didn't know about this box until yesterday. She had filed away some articles and pictures and a few memorabilia items, like a baby announcement for me in her handwriting. Most of the items were church pictures she tore out of magazines perhaps for lessons and such, but there were a series of articles that she kept that were titled "A Happier Marriage"....truly hilarious!! We laughed so hard at some of the advice!

Era, January 1970
  • Tell the neighbors you're happily married - it will get back to your husband and please him.
  • Don't tell him your problems until you've fed him.
  • If it's a real disaster - like taking the fender off the car - make the dinner an especially good one.
  • Learn to translate your husband properly. "You look okay" may mean "Darling, you look wonderful tonight."
  • Don't shush your husband if he sings at parties (I know we all have problems with this one! ;)
  • Don't keep telling him he's too old to do some of the things that he wants to do.
  • Don't be on the telephone when he comes home, and don't start talking on the phone until after he leaves for work in the morning.
  • Don't wear curlers when he's in sight.
  • Put on your cold cream in the daytime.
  • When he brings home a mess of fish - no matter how unappetizing - clean them, cook them to the best of your ability, and eat them.
  • If you must take medicine regularly, keep it out of sight.
  • Don't give him surprise parties.

Ladies, if we can all take this advice to heart, perhaps our marriages can be a bit more exciting! :) :) :) :) LOL!!