Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy Week!!!

CRAZY SNOW!!!! This was Wednesday, MARCH 26th, and we ended up getting 3 almost 4 inches of SNOW! It snowed off and on all day Thursday, and Friday, and it's still snowing!! Hopefully our weather will warm up and we can get back to Spring! :)

We were so looking forward to Spring!! Now our poor flowers are frozen and covered in snow!

Very ironic seeing the snow fall with the blossoms on the tree!! CRAZY!

CRAZY ENRICHMENT! Our ward had our Relief Society Birthday Party yesterday. YEAH! It's all done!! Yesterday's weather was so crazy with heavy snow one minute and the next sunshine...we didn't know for sure if we should cancel or not. I'm really glad that we didn't because the roads were really clear all day, even though it was snowing. The party went really well, I just kept forgetting things that needed to be done, so it ended up being more busy then I had planned!

CRAZY BIRTHDAY PARTY! Zachary had a birthday party at Super-Jump on Wednesday, and 20 children came to help him celebrate, so it was really crazy!

CRAZY HALF-DAYS! It was a week of half-days!! So, it just added an element of craziness, since our normal routine was out of balance!


Judie said...

This was a busy week! Good shots of the snow and the blossoms.

Kelli said...

where is super jump? is that one of those with big bouncy air blown toys? we went to one in Kent for a bday party it was so fun.

Cori said...

75 and sunny here today!! I am actually having to pull out winter clothes to come home next week. I really am missing prime weather here while I am gone... lucky it's for a good cause.

Honor said...

sounds fun~

(kelli they have a jump place in Tacoma)

emily said...

The one we went to is in's called Super Jump Party Zone...right off Hwy 167, in the warehouse area. They have a very nice setup and it just happens to be owned by members of the church...not that it matters, except for the fact that they run a nice, clean place :)

Amye Kay said...

How fun for a birthday party. I love Anna's hair too! My girls call that "Mickey" ears after Mickey Mouse. They love them too.