Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Happier Marriage

My siblings and I had the opportunity to go through an old file box that belonged to our mom. She passed away almost 22 years ago, and we didn't know about this box until yesterday. She had filed away some articles and pictures and a few memorabilia items, like a baby announcement for me in her handwriting. Most of the items were church pictures she tore out of magazines perhaps for lessons and such, but there were a series of articles that she kept that were titled "A Happier Marriage"....truly hilarious!! We laughed so hard at some of the advice!

Era, January 1970
  • Tell the neighbors you're happily married - it will get back to your husband and please him.
  • Don't tell him your problems until you've fed him.
  • If it's a real disaster - like taking the fender off the car - make the dinner an especially good one.
  • Learn to translate your husband properly. "You look okay" may mean "Darling, you look wonderful tonight."
  • Don't shush your husband if he sings at parties (I know we all have problems with this one! ;)
  • Don't keep telling him he's too old to do some of the things that he wants to do.
  • Don't be on the telephone when he comes home, and don't start talking on the phone until after he leaves for work in the morning.
  • Don't wear curlers when he's in sight.
  • Put on your cold cream in the daytime.
  • When he brings home a mess of fish - no matter how unappetizing - clean them, cook them to the best of your ability, and eat them.
  • If you must take medicine regularly, keep it out of sight.
  • Don't give him surprise parties.

Ladies, if we can all take this advice to heart, perhaps our marriages can be a bit more exciting! :) :) :) :) LOL!!


Tammy Mortensen said...

Such funny advice and so out of date - Curlers? I wonder what advice the men were given.

Honor said...

oh, thank goodness I wasn't married back then .... I would have a hard time with some of those. It's hard to believe that women really thought some of that stuff .... and they did! No medicine in front of your husband? and he's just supposed to believe your hair gets curly on it's own, he can't see the curlers? lol ... that's really funny.

emily said...

FYI - For the men:
* Don't think you always have to keep your chin up. Cry a little-she'll love mothering you.
* Bring her flowers while she can still smell them.
* Use the same good manners with your wife that you would with a business client.
* Bring home some phonograph records of songs you both remember fondly.
* Even if you've been married a long time, compliment her on her cooking.
* Ask your wife's advice on business problems and sometimes take it.
* Don't think tenderness is sissified; it's really strength.
* Send presents to your wife for no reason at all. (This one is timeless!!)
* Give her what you know she wants instead of what you think she needs. (Again still relevent!)
* Never say, "I had that for lunch today."
* Learn some new jokes for the sake of your wife, who has heard the old ones.
* Never ask her, "What have you done all day, dear?" (Still applies!!)
* Kiss her in public. She may look embarrassed and sound sore, but she'll love it.
* When you have finished reading this article, walk over to her and tell her that you are glad you married her and that you would do it all over again. :)

Siri said...

Pretty funny!

Amye Kay said...

WOW, Imagine thinking this was once the "Norm"

Cori said...

Funny!! Did people seriously think this applied ever!?! Hope you had fun looking through your mom's things. I'm happy it was found!

Angie Penrose said...

Ha, ha! those are to funny! I never would've made it. :)