Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last week Brian got home from CA and discovered that it was heavily snowing in the mountains, and he really wanted to see the snow. So, he convinced me to drop everything I was doing and drive into the mountains :) We decided to go to Crystal, and saw a little bit. Had we driven a bit higher we probably would have had more on the ground. It did snow just a small flurry when we were there :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

50's Halloween!!

I was so surprised when I was able to convince all my children to dress thematically this Halloween! It started with Megan...she wanted to dress in a 50's outfit, and when Amelia saw the picture she wanted a skirt too (originally she wanted to be a fairy), then of course, Anna was on board as soon as she found out that Amelia and Megan wanted the same costume (originally she wanted to be a Chef). Zachary was a little bit more of a challenge...he really wanted to be a karate guy, but I told him that I could only find a karate outfit at a karate store and it would cost way too much, so by default he chose to join the group! :) I wish Zachary's jacket was leather, but I really didn't want to buy a jacket just for Halloween!

Flag Football

Zachary has been doing Flag Football this last month and he really enjoyed it. The short season is now done, but he is looking forward to next year.

Zachary running with the ball! Believe it or not, but that guy trying to snag Zach's flag, didn't get it!! Zach ran for a couple more yards before someone got him :)

Zachary just realized that he was going head to head with his good buddy McKay! I love the facial expression! :)