Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Should He Stay or Should He Go??

Brian forwarded the following email to me with a request to fill one of the temporary positions...I of course said no, but do you all think I was a bit too hasty with my decision??

EMAIL in Question:

The Office of International Aviation is soliciting qualified candidates for technical positions in Afghanistan and Iraq to help rebuild the civil aviation systems in those countries. Chosen candidates will have the opportunity to enhance their careers with experience in a challenging and rewarding international environment while supporting top U.S. foreign policy objectives. Each position offers an attractive compensation and benefits package and return rights to the FAA at the completion of the foreign assignment. Below are the vacancy announcements for these positions:

Kabul, Afghanistan (Temporary, NTE 18 Months)

Baghdad, Iraq (Temporary, NTE 12 Months)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New York

My friend, Dyan, and I had a wonderful opportunity to go to New York City! We stayed in Times Square and toured through the city, did some shopping, went to the Broadway production "Wicked", participated in the studio audience of the Live with Regis and Kelly, had some laughable experiences trying to use the Subway, and witnessed the aggressive tango of pedestrians and drivers! All in all we had a great time!

One of the highlights of our trip was serving in the Manhatten, NY temple.

We enjoyed some amazing views in NY...From the top of the Rock...
View from our hotel window...yum, yum chocolate...

View of Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry...

We took a tour on the first day of our trip, and we LOVED it! We were able to highlight all the NY treasures and learn some very interesting history. Here is a collage of some of my favorite places that we visited on our tour...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anna's Classic Tea Party!

Anna turned 7 years old yesterday and we celebrated by having a Tea Party with some of her friends! Each girl had her picture taken with this darling backdrop! We served dainty sandwiches and delicious bite sized desserts! The girls played a classic game of musical chairs and made a bracelet to take home. It seemed like everyone had a good time, and I personally loved putting the whole thing together!

The Flower Pot Desserts turned out really cute, and the girls loved them!

This was my first attempt at making the delicious Cupcake Pops, that were created by Bakerella, and featured on the Martha Stewart show...
Goofy birthday girl blowing out the candle on the darling cupcake pops....

The Birthday Decorations! The bright pinks with the black and white was really fun! :)