Monday, January 14, 2008

12th Anniversary in Leavenworth

We really loved snowshoeing in was beautiful!The icicles were amazing in Icicle Canyon!The red berries gave a red splash to the winter wonderland.
We really liked this tree...we thought is was pretty!The rocks in the river were piled with snow, so they looked like floating marshmallows! The landscape was beautiful...truly a Winter Wonderland!

The icicles were amazing! This picture is showing how the layer of snow on the roof at Run of the River Bed & Breakfast was sliding down, but hadn't fallen was literally hanging over the edge of the roof at least 2 feet!

Amelia turns 3!

Happy Birthday to Amelia! Blowing out her candles (something she has been talking about for months!)

Opening birthday presents!
Beautiful Ladies!

Christmas Morning 2007

Megan is watching the Christmas morning Disney parade! Isn't she cute in her new P.J.s from Grandma and Grandpa Kayner?!
Santa brought Zachary a scooter!

Looking good Zachary!
Is that Anna?....or Hannah Montana? :)

Amelia didn't remove that helmet all morning!

Family Christmas FHE

Amelia by the tree at Grandma and Grandpa's house (a little dark, but dad was trying to play with the camera) :)
Megan was very patient, while dad was playing with the camera settings :) Zachary by Grandma Judie and Grandpa George's Christmas tree. That's a lot of ice cream Anna!
The picture is a little dark, but still cute!

Christmas Tree 2007



Christmas tree hunting!

Christmas City - December 2007

This picture is missing the star we added, but it turned out pretty good this year!
Let it snow!

November 2007

Megan and her best friend Rebekah win awards at school!

September 2007

Anna's Sunflowers!

Utah Vacation - August 2007

Playing in Aunt Suzy's Pool!

Siri's backyard view!

August 2007

Eating breakfast in style!

Summer Photo - July 2007

Brian's family got together for some pictures, and this is the picture that was taken of our little group :)

Megan's Double Digits Now!!

4th of July 2007

Not a happy patriot!

Amelia was not sure about the fireworks...she spent the whole time buckled in her carseat covering her ears!