Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Double Digits!

Our CRAZY Zachary turned 10 this last week and we celebrated with an EXTREME Birthday party!

We made an Extreme Motocross Birthday cake that we found in the Family Fun magazine.

We also played some very fun games....We first played a Sporty Relay Race using a skateboard that had to be sat on and scooted across the lawn, shooting a basket and a football type "tire drill".

Then we played a few of the "Minute to Win It" games from the new game show on NBC.

On the game show the name of this tissue game is "Hanky Panky" (not a fan of the name, but we liked the game!)  Each person is given a full box of tissue and the first person to remove the tissues one at a time, using only one hand is the winner :)

The boys all loved this one! This one is called "Junk in the Trunk"...we used plastic eggs instead of ping pong balls and we used 12 instead of 8...basically the boys had to remove all the eggs from the tissue box, that was attached to their backs, without using their hands! :)

This one is called "Movin' On Up!"  Only removing one cup at a time the boys had to rotate the red cup from the bottom position all the way through the stack and back to the bottom position :)

This game is called "This Blows"...each boy had to blow up a balloon and only using the air in the balloon they had to knock down the cups off the table!! :)

The boys seemed to really enjoy themselves!! It was easy to put together and really cheap because the items for the games were all inexpensive or things we already had in the house!  Lots of fun for us and them! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Posting Slump...

...is over!! (I hope) On my food blog that is!  Here's the link if you haven't checked it out in awhile: scrumdiddlyumptious!