Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Megan's Mystery Birthday Party!!

Megan had her birthday party last weekend! The girls played a Mystery Game...each guest arrived in costume and had a character to play. They had a script to follow and they had to figure out who the assassin was! Between each round we served a course of their 3 course mystery meal. The menu was all coded, so the girls didn't know what items they were ordering. Some girls ended up with all their utensils in one course, or no utensils at all for pudding or ice cream! The girls truly had a great time, and Megan loved her birthday celebration!! :) See slideshow below....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Girl!!

A few days ago Miss Megan celebrated her birthday! I've been slacking a bit with blog posts, so this is late. She started her day with an agonizing hair braiding session (I really wanted to try a new braid style...turned out pretty cute, I think :)...then she went on a "hike" (the trail was closed but they had fun anyway) with the Achievement Girls....then as a family we went to "Space Chimps" (the children liked it...but we adults thought it was so very lame!!! We usually like the animated films, but this was really bad...we've decided we are Pixar fans, and this is NOT a Pixar film at all!!!)....anyway, we then went to dinner and topped off the day with a trip to Petco...Megan has been begging to look at all the animals...we didn't buy anything, but the children loved looking around at all the pets :) Megan had a pretty nice day, and on Saturday she will be having a friend birthday party that should be a blast! :)

Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

Last weekend we took some time to visit one of our favorite places...Mowich Lake. We thought we might get some fishing in, however the lake was still covered in ice! We still had fun with the snow in July!

This was the first day that Mowich Lake was open, but we were shocked by the amount of snow that was still on the ground. This was a hug pile that the children turned into a sledding hill :)

The mountain was looking very majestic on our journey toward Mowich Lake!

Don't hate me girls!!! We are missing 3 ladies in this photo, but this gives a basic image of us getting ready to leave YW camp :(

Tagged by my Mom!

My mother extended the invitation to add this to my blog, so here it goes...

I am - - - avoiding my housework!
I want to be - - - happy always!
I need - - - to finish my housework!
I wish - - - for my family to happy always!
I'm scared - - - that my house will not be clean for Megan's birthday party on Saturday!
I will never forget - - - the happy day I was sealed to Brian :)
What the world could do without - - - is anger and hate!

My turn to tag someone - - - anyone reading this, who feels the desire to add this to your blog...you're it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Water Bums

Brian and Zachary were invited to water-ski yesterday, and although Zachary didn't actually ski (he just hung onto the knee board), he is getting used to the water and someday wants to learn how to ski like his dad.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Celebrations!

We had a great, relaxing holiday! We did miss our sweet Megan, who is in UT with her Aunt Karen, but other than that, the day was fun! We spent some time at the lake with my good friend, Dyan. Then we went home and shot off some fireworks in the driveway!

The girls looked darling in their patriotic outfits!

Lightshow observer...
Too loud?...
Our Pyro Techs...
Happy patriot....

Oregon Adventure...

We had a great time in Sunriver, OR last week. We enjoyed being with family, and enjoying the beauties of Oregon. We visited a Lava Cave...very cool (temperature and visually!)

Crater Lake...
Family Shot...
Sibling Love...

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime...?

Have a WATER BALLOON fight with some great friends!

I love Mr. M's wind-up and throw...future pro ball player for sure! :)

Poor, unsuspecting Anna....