Friday, July 25, 2008

Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

Last weekend we took some time to visit one of our favorite places...Mowich Lake. We thought we might get some fishing in, however the lake was still covered in ice! We still had fun with the snow in July!

This was the first day that Mowich Lake was open, but we were shocked by the amount of snow that was still on the ground. This was a hug pile that the children turned into a sledding hill :)

The mountain was looking very majestic on our journey toward Mowich Lake!

Don't hate me girls!!! We are missing 3 ladies in this photo, but this gives a basic image of us getting ready to leave YW camp :(


Judie and George said...

Looks like fun. I haven't been to Mowich Lake in years, more than I can count. I love the mountain picture. Mind if I take a copy?

emily :) said...

Go for it mom! It really is a nice view :)

Kimberly Robinson said...

Hey there! The White River Campground is at the White River entrance to Mt. Rainier (the NE corner). Unlike Cougar Rock (Paradise) & Ohanapecosh, you do NOT need reservations to go! It's just first come-first served. If you get there by around 2-3pm the day you want to camp there you should be fine. If you'd like the phone numbers to the Visitors Centers or the website info. for reservations at the other campgounds, email me & I can send you all that info. We LOOOOOVE Sunrise! I grew up hiking to Mowich, though, and camping at Ipsut. We're planning on Spray Park in a few weeks if you guys would like to join us!

Your photos are always so fun!!

I hope we get to see more Girls Camp photos!! :)

Wren/Karen said...

Mt. Rainier truly is majestic; those are fun photos of the kidlets.