Monday, January 14, 2008

12th Anniversary in Leavenworth

We really loved snowshoeing in was beautiful!The icicles were amazing in Icicle Canyon!The red berries gave a red splash to the winter wonderland.
We really liked this tree...we thought is was pretty!The rocks in the river were piled with snow, so they looked like floating marshmallows! The landscape was beautiful...truly a Winter Wonderland!

The icicles were amazing! This picture is showing how the layer of snow on the roof at Run of the River Bed & Breakfast was sliding down, but hadn't fallen was literally hanging over the edge of the roof at least 2 feet!


Anderson Family said...

I love Leavenworth! What a great time of the year to go! :)

Tammy Mortensen said...

Emily that looks so COLD, but beautiful.