Monday, March 30, 2009

Zachary's Birthday!!

Yesterday Zachary turned 9 years old! He didn't want to celebrate until he officially turned 9 at 12:03 p.m., so right at 12:03 during church he turned to me and told me he just turned 9 years old :) I was instantly reminded of the experience I had bringing him into this world, and became a bit emotional. Brian was in MN at the time and wasn't due home for another 3 weeks, so my dear mother and sweet sister, Honor were there to hold my hand and help during the delivery.
We were all surprised at how quick Zachary arrived, especially the nurse. I mentioned to the nurse about an hour before the birth that it would be nice if Zach would be delivered by noon. She assured me that it wouldn't be that soon, however I was off by 3 minutes! I was very grateful!! :) Zachary was such a content, quiet baby, and now he is full of energy, but so much fun and we love having him in our home :)


Wren/Karen said...

Yeah for Birthdays! What a handsome boy.

Patti said...

Crazy how quickly they grow! We have a 9-year old that will be 10 in May. It's a hard thing for me to have my babies growing up so fast. Yet each year, they seem to endear themselves more and more to me. More than I ever thought possible!

My "baby", Erika, is going to be 20 in July!! TWENTY!!!! What the heck! I absolutely don't know how that happened!!!