Saturday, August 22, 2009

NEW Hobby Blog!! :)

Okay, I've been wanting to start a new hobby blog for awhile that allows me to post some of my favorite recipes! I started it this week, and it's titled "scrumdiddlyumptious"!! My focus will be "Culinary creations which strive for the status of scrumdiddlyumptious!" I plan on posting often...daily if I can, and each day will be a different focus. I plan on posting a recipe, maybe a picture and the family critiques :) I would love to hear about your successes or failures with the recipes, and your opinions on the taste as well! Hope you enjoy! :)


Tiffanee said...

Good for you!! I also have made a similar blog...just have not posted anything on it yet. So go girl!! I look forward to trying all your delicious recipes.

Kimberly Robinson said...

What a fantastic idea! This new blog will surely be one I check often!