Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Wish Fulfilled!

The children have been talking about going to Disney for years now!  We have been telling them that we wouldn't go until Amelia turned 5 years old...(she will be 5 in January)  So, when we surprised them with a trip to Disney World a couple weeks ago, they were very surprised and extremely excited!  We didn't tell them until the day before we left, which made it really fun for us and them.  Here are a few cute pictures of the children:

This was a hot day at Epcot (about 85 degrees + humidity!)

In front of the Magic Kingdom on the 2nd day of Disney touring...The weather was perfect...low 70's with occasional rain misting, which kept people away!

We all had a blast and enjoyed visiting our friends who live in Florida :)


~Amy~ said...

Emily we took the older 3 when Ella was 1.... and have been telling them the same thing! Its getting close... guess we have to make the plans;) I would love to go around Christmas though. Maybe next year! Glad you all had such a great time.

Veronique said...

How did I not even know you were going? Looks like you had fun. What a great family trip. Lets all go together some time, wouldn't that be a blast!

Anderson Family said...

I love the photo on the Merry Go Round! It's a great photo of all the kiddos.

Kimberly Robinson said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE Disneyland & can't wait to go go Disney World someday. Was it so great being back in FL for a bit?