Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here Comes the Rain AGAIN!

We have actually had pretty okay weather since Valentine's has only rained once....until today! We have a stretch of rainy days to look forward to :( We have just had such a long winter of rain, that it will be nice to have sun...unless we have a summer like we did last year (maybe one week of warmth!)

There are some good things about rain: The Smell! Last night when I took Megan to church, it smelled so incredible! The smell of rain coming is my favorite :) And although we have a lot of rain, we do get the blessing of GREEN!


Honor said...

I like the smell too .... the green is definitely worth the wet!

Cori said...

I miss the smell of the rain... when it does rain here, which we all know is few and far between, I love standing on my back porch and inhaling as much as I can. Green?? What is green?