Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No School!

This week, so far, has been lazy and slow! When the children don't have school, things are always a bit more relaxed :) However, we are planning on taking the children sledding tomorrow, so we are preparing for that trip. I will post pictures when we get back!

My sister, Siri, has been visiting from Utah this week! It has been so nice to see her and her baby Jack! Well, he isn't much of a little baby anymore...he is walking around and will turn One in April :) Our family got together last night for dinner, so we could visit with Siri, and I totally forgot to grab my camera!! Bummer! Oh well, we had a really nice time, and it will just be one of those memories that stays in our minds, instead of on photo paper. In my case, that is always a bit risky because my mind is fading fast!


Honor and Matt said...

mine too .... aren't you supposed to have a good memory until middle age? Maybe we are middle aged.

Anonymous said...
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