Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poetry Winner!

Megan entered a Poetry Contest hosted by Buckley Pierce County Library and she WON! She wrote a very creative poem and she has been asked to read it at the Poetry Jam event! We are so excited for her and Megan is thrilled!

Witch Stew
I am very hungry; I don’t know what to do.
Oh wait, I have an idea, I’ll make Witch Stew!
I’ll put in some green toenails, and some ugly dead plants,
Also some warts, and boils, and a group of fire ants.
Some mold, and dirt, and chewed up gum, and a pair of dirty socks,
Lots of smelly garbage, and dead rats stored in a box.
I’ll also put in eyeballs, and lots of raw fish,
Some disgusting, dirty water in a disgusting, dirty dish.
I need one more ingredient, oh what shall I do?
Oh wait, I have an idea, I’ll just use you!


Judie said...

This is oh, so clever, and it made me laugh. Wonderful job, Megan. Maybe you inherited the rhyming genes + some poetry talents as well. I am so excited for you!

Dallan said...

Excellent poem! It's no wonder you won, Megan. You are a true poet.

Roger said...

Yikes! Don't use me! Very creative Megan. Way to go!

Jameson Family said...

Congratulations Megan!! The poem is great.

Kelli said...

that is a great poem. I could never have come up with some of those ingrediends. Great job

Amye Kay said...

What an awesome poem! She is so have to check out my blog and see what Ashlyn got for her 6th birthday, you might consider getting Anna one...

Anderson Family said...

Great work Megan! You're so smart! :)

Angie Penrose said...

That's so awesome and I LOVE the poem! She is so talented! What a fun opportunity for her. :)