Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and father of my children! He is a great dad, who really tries to have fun with them. This is a picture of Amelia and Brian making pancakes for his Father's Day dinner (that's what he really wanted, and he really wanted to make them too). Brian considers pancakes, food for the Gods! :)

Yesterday we had a family dinner at my dad's house to celebrate Father's Day! My dad was opening up gifts from the family in this first picture, and the second is a picture of him playing BBQ of his favorite things to do. My dad has always enjoyed cooking, and we've always enjoyed eating his creations (as long as he doesn't go too crazy with the experimenting ;) We are very blessed to have such a wonderful father in our lives! He tries to be funny, and we laugh at him (I meant with him ;) He also loves his children very much, and we love him!

We were able to enjoy some time with Brian's dad, Grandpa Kayner, at his house yesterday. Grandpa Kayner has a big heart, and he is always willing to help Brian with different household projects. He is an amazing mechanic, and takes care of all our automotive needs! :) With Grandma (and sometimes without) he has time and time again taken care of our children whenever Brian and I go out of town! We are so grateful for sure a loving father! :)


Kelli said...

what a sweet post about all three dads.

Judie & George said...

This is nice! You got good photos, except, of course, that Brian doesn't have a head! Never mind, if he can still cook, it doesn't matter.