Monday, June 9, 2008

Missing the Sun!

Last weekend Brian and I went to Arizona for a wedding, and some time together! We were able to witness the sealing of Valerie and Daniel in the Mesa, AZ temple. When we lived in FL, I served as a YW leader for 4 years, and Valerie is one of "my girls". Valerie is a wonderful lady, and she is so very strong! She is an example to me, and we loved being there with her :)

When we weren't doing wedding stuff, we had time to hang out together, which was really nice. We ending up spending a day just sight seeing...we went to Montezuma Castle and it was truly amazing!

There was a lizard in a tree, and Brian had so much fun taking pictures of that lizard! He took almost 20 pictures! Here are two of my favorite! He was a pretty thing, but please, lets move on... :)


Honor said...

I bet coming home seems so dreary and cold.

Judie & George said...

Looks like a nice change from here.

Kelli said...

I heard we were suppose to have a wetter than normal and cooler than normal June. Oh Yippie sunny day! grrrr