Friday, June 20, 2008

What Time Is It? ...Summertime!!

Megan, our Elementary School Graduate!! For the last day of school all the 5th Graders had a Geography Bowl, and they were suppose to have WACKY HAIR! Pretty Wacky, huh? :) Megan is so excited to move on to middle school! :)

She was trying to finish some last minute assignment!! 3 minutes before school was out for the summer, and she was the last one to finish!! They had to write a letter to the future 5th Grade students :)
Megan's class had a Countdown to Summertime!!

Yesterday the school had a "Movin' Up" Assembly for all the 5th Graders, who will be in middle school next year! Megan was surprised to be 1 of 3 students who made the "All A's Honor Roll"! The last 2 trimesters she made the "A-B Honor Roll", so she was quite thrilled to advance to the All A's!

Anna completed kidergarten! Today her teacher had an informal graduation, and she made graduation caps for each student and presented them with a certificate of completion! :) On to First Grade!


Kelli said...

What a smarty. Both girls are so cute. I love there smiles.

Amy said...

Emily, cant believe we will both have big middle schoolers next year.... we havent gotten any older! ha:)

Amye Kay said...

Crazy hair was cute! She is a smarty pants and will do great in middle school. Yelm keeps their
6th grade at the Elementary level.

Tiffanee said...

Congrats to both girls. It is a big step for them but seems much larger for us. They will both be great! You have such a darling family!!

Judie & George said...

Kinda scary to move up to middle school, if you ask me. Emily, are you ready for this? Megan's accomplishments are super, and she looks happy. That's the best part.

Emily A. W. said...

You guys are getting old. Lol. Just kidding. :) Your daughters are beautiful. I hope they know that.